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An interface built for the small screen

The most powerful way to manage your WordPress content, right from your phone. Index is fully responsive, which means all of the features you expect on desktop are also on your mobile device. Swipe to delete, tap to filter, and scroll to load more.

Take action with a swipe or a tap

Get work done faster by swiping on any row to quick edit or send to trash. Or use the the persistent action bar at the bottom of the screen to select, filter, and sort all of your content.

The same features on all your devices

Index provides the same search, filtering, and editing functionality on every device. This includes bulk editing and managing trashed items. It’s the best, most feature rich mobile experience for managing your WordPress content.

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Try Index free for 14 days and see for yourself why it’s the best interface for managing your WordPress content — no credit card required.

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