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Index is for Businesses

Increase productivity and impress clients with a customizable dashboard. We built an intelligent, beautiful interface to help you manage all of your WordPress content.

Upgrade your customer’s experience

A unique, professional interface

You spend thousands of dollars building beautiful websites for your customers. Give them a dashboard experience to match. We promise they’ll love it, or your money back.

Get set up in minutes

Every saved click saves time and money. Index provides custom columns with the flip of a switch, getting you back to working on what differentiates your websites.

Make it your own

Got a developer on the team to take care of the heavy lifting? We provide powerful api’s to make Index even more powerful, so you can deliver customer specific features quickly and easily.

Beauty, beast, and brainiac

We built a beautiful, intuitive interface to help you manage your WordPress content. See it all instantly or find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Fully customize each view to fit your needs and showcase your content the way it was intended.

A powerful table

Manage all of your WordPress content in a fully customizable table. Sort, rename, or disable any column, and format custom fields as prices, dates, and formatted HTML.

A beautiful grid

Showcase your results in a beautiful grid with large thumbnails. Pick any data field as a subheading, ensuring the most important content is displayed.

An interface built for the small screen

The most powerful way to manage your WordPress content, right from your phone. Index is fully responsive, which means all of the features you expect on desktop are also on your mobile device. Swipe to delete, tap to filter, and scroll to load more.


Index powered

Built-in tables

Live Search See results as you type with Index

Yes No

Scroll to load more No more clicking “next page” 15 times

Yes No

Quick look content Access and filter your content without leaving the page

Yes No

Add custom buttons We’ve built our own api for adding buttons to your Index archives

Yes No

Grid view View your content in a beautiful grid

Yes No

Add custom field columns No more clicking “next page” 15 times

Yes, no coding required Requires a developer

Format custom field column With custom field formats, Index helps you control how you display your content

Yes, no coding required Requires a developer

Reorganize columns Index empowers you to manage your own columns

Yes, no coding required Requires a developer

Disable columns Index empowers you to manage your own columns

Globally Per user

Rename columns Index empowers you to manage your own columns

Yes, no coding required Requires a developer

Mobile view Index provides an upgraded mobile experience

Yes, with swipe actions No swipe actions

Sorting content The sorting features you know, just faster

Yes, no refresh Requires page refresh

Select all True select all for everything matching your filter

Yes, includes everything Only the current page

Bulk editing Index provides a clean bulk editor that’s easier to use

Yes Old design

Add custom columns Our API helps you port your columns in under a minute

Yes Yes

Manage trashed items We rebuilt the trash view to be easier to use

Yes Yes

Collaboration See who’s editing a post from Index

Yes Yes

User roles and capabilities Index uses the built-in roles system to prevent unauthorized access

Yes Yes

SEO Support Yoast and All-in-One SEO plugin support

Yes Yes

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