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Index is for Developers

Beautiful design meets an intelligent, fully customizable interface. Index saves you time and adds powerful apis to help you customize your experience even further.

Powerful & customizable

Get setup in minutes

No more hacking the WordPress post table over and over. Index provides custom columns with a flip of switch, getting you back to coding the interesting stuff.

Add new and existing columns

While Index takes care of most of your column needs, we also provide an api to add your own. Better yet, you can port your existing table columns in seconds.

Create buttons in minutes

Need a button on the page? We’ve got you covered with a custom WordPress filter to add your own buttons to the top of any Index powered archive.

Customizable smart filters

Index comes with a built-in api to quickly add your own smart filters for meta fields. Post, page, and taxonomy filters are all enabled by default, and can be disabled on a per-filter basis. Learn how to add filters

All the WordPress features you expect, upgraded

Quick editing

Bulk edit entries in an easy to use interface


Quickly view, restore, or delete trashed items

Built-in security

Control who sees what with built-in roles and capabilities


See which entries are locked and who’s editing them

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With free, plus, and pro options, Index is available for everyone

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