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For language and brand needs, all labels used by Index can be edited. A combination of default post type labels and additional Index specific labels are combined into one simple list.

Replacing labels

Each set of labels is tied to a specific post type:

// replace {$type} with the post type name
apply_filters("index_{$type}_labels", function($labels) {
	$labels['existing-id'] = 'new-value';

	return $labels;

Required values

id string

The label ID you want to change

value string

The new value you want to use

List of labels

"name": "posts",
"singular_name": "post",
"add_new": "add new",
"add_new_item": "Add new post",
"edit_item": "Edit post",
"new_item": "new post",
"view_item": "view post",
"view_items": "view posts",
"search_items": "search posts",
"not_found": "no posts found",
"not_found_in_trash": "no posts found in trash",
"parent_item_colon": "",
"all_items": "all posts",
"archives": "post archives",
"attributes": "post attributes",
"insert_into_item": "insert into post",
"uploaded_to_this_item": "uploaded to this post",
"featured_image": "featured image",
"set_featured_image": "set featured image",
"remove_featured_image": "remove featured image",
"use_featured_image": "use as featured image",
"filter_items_list": "filter posts list",
"filter_by_date": "filter by date",
"items_list_navigation": "posts list navigation",
"items_list": "posts list",
"item_published": "post published",
"item_published_privately": "post published privately",
"item_reverted_to_draft": "post reverted to draft",
"item_scheduled": "post scheduled",
"item_updated": "post updated",
"item_link": "post link",
"item_link_description": "a link to a post",
"menu_name": "posts",
"name_admin_bar": "post",
"actions_panel_label": "Actions",
"add_new_item_description": "Add a new post to the list",
"edit_items": "Edit posts",
"no_edit_fields": "No fields are available",
"confirm_edit_item": "Update post",
"confirm_edit_items": "Update posts",
"edit_item_successful": "Your post has been updated",
"edit_item_unsuccessful": "Your post was unable to been updated",
"edit_items_successful": "Your posts have been updated",
"edit_items_unsuccessful": "Your posts were unable to be updated",
"filter_label": "Add filter",
"filters_panel_label": "Find",
"select_all_label": "Select all",
"sort_label": "Change sort",
"view_trash": "View trash",
"view_trash_description": "See all trashed posts",
"trashed_items": "Trashed posts",
"delete_all": "Delete all selected posts?",
"confirm_delete_all": "Yes, I'm sure",
"confirm_empty_trash": "Empty trash",
"delete_item_successful": "Your post has been deleted",
"delete_items_successful": "Your posts have been deleted",
"delete_item_unsuccessful": "Your post was unable to been deleted",
"delete_items_unsuccessful": "Your posts were unable to be deleted",
"restore_item_successful": "Your post has been restored",
"restore_item_unsuccessful": "Your post was unable to been restored",
"empty_trash_unsuccessful": "Your trashed items were unable to be deleted",
"empty_trash_successful": "Your trash was emptied",
"dismiss_panel": "Close",
"dismiss_alert": "Cancel",
"active_filters": "Active filters"


apply_filters("index_post_labels", function($labels) {
	// previously: Your post has been deleted
	$labels['delete_item_successful'] = 'Your post was deleted';

	return $labels;


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