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Your content, front and center

Display your content in unique ways with four built-in views. Use the edit panel to update content without leaving the page. When the sun starts to set, turn on dark mode and work in comfort. Or work from the couch with a first class mobile interface.

Choose between
four built-in views

Display entries with a lot of data points in a beautiful table. Add, remove, and sort columns for taxonomies, meta fields, or completely custom fields. 

Organize people and places into a flexible grid. Quickly scan and find content with large thumbnails and customizable data points.

Manage visual data with the photography grid. Add any field to display dates, authors, and meta fields.

Online stores need tools that help you get things done quickly and confidently. The product grid displays important product information like prices, inventory, and images.

Customize your dashboard
archives — without code

Manage any field attribute including meta fields, visually from the settings panel. Or create your own fields with our built-in API.

Manage field attributes visually

Toggle, organize, and rename any field visually. You have full control over what fields you show in your backend archives.

Display and format meta fields

Enable any of your meta fields and set them to format as prices, dates, images, links, or html previews.

Create your own fields

Create your own custom field attributes to show any relevant data you need. Pass in your own logic or set them to format as prices, dates, images, links.

Content editing
made simple

The built-in edit panel makes editing single or multiple items quick and easy. Add your own fields and edit any piece of content without leaving the page.

Quickly upload and select media with the redesigned media uploader. Scroll to load, drag to drop, and type to search.

Even the trash can has been thought through. Remove, restore, and permanently delete any piece of content, all from one single page.

Turn on the dark

Dark mode comes to WordPress. Work in any environment, with interface elements designed to look great in both light and dark mode.

Work from
home, a coffee
shop, or the couch

Designed around getting work done and getting on with your life, Index is the most powerful way to manage your WordPress content from your phone. Swipe to delete, tap to filter, and scroll to load more.

Get started with Index

See for yourself why Index is the most intuitive, beautiful interface for managing your WordPress content.