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Introducing the next version of Index 

Index v2 is now available! This update includes new APIs for edit fields, smart filters, custom actions, and new views. In addition, redesigned grid and table views, plus new options for products and portfolios are available. Editing and mobile have also been upgraded, and finally…dark mode!

Powerful, customizable views

Showcase your content in one of the four included views or create your own! The new View API abstracts the hard stuff like responsive layouts and selection, allowing you to focus on creating amazing interfaces that fit your unique content.

Get started quickly and customize your post types to use one of the four included views. A powerful table for managing lots of content and data points, a grid perfect for showcasing people and places, a photography grid to showcase your content in a beautiful grid with large featured images, or the product grid to manage your WooCommerce stores.

Enhanced editing

Edit single and bulk items without leaving the page. With the new Edit API, you can quickly add edit fields for meta data or custom hooks to handle complex update logic. Control single and bulk editing individually to provide the best experience for either situation.

The best mobile experience for WordPress

Create additional views for the small screen. Search, filter, and scroll to load more just like on desktop. Swipe to take action on individual items, and add your own swipe actions.

Dark mode

Dark mode comes to WordPress. Toggle per post type and set it to be always on, always off, or to match the system.

An entire API library

Create custom edit fields for single and bulk editing. Add your own smart filters to find unique data. Create new data fields and views quickly and securely. Add custom actions and modifiers to augment your content. Read more about the API.

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